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"When concepts of the Five Bodies came together for me, it completely changed my treatments. My treatments became easier, faster, stronger, deeper, more long-lasting, and with fewer adverse reactions. I am no longer afraid of emotional or mental lesions, or any type of pathology. I am confident that I can make a positive change in my patients regardless of their pathology. Learning to find and release pathological fulcrums in the proper order, on any of the five bodies, through the Power of the Source of Health is just what we need to take our Osteoathic treatments to their highest potential."

1. Consciousness, perception, attention, intention
2. Connecting to Health and the Source of Health
3. Fulcrums--finding the stillpoints around which the body organizes, using those to express Health more deeply, and then reorganizing the body around the native fulcrums
4. Using the PRM to ask questions of the body
5. Introduce the concept of the 5-body model (physical, energy, mental, intuitive, spirit)

Dr. Dana Anglund,D.O., is an internationally recognized teacher of Osteopathy and healing arts. He has also studied around the world with such legends as Viola Frymann, DO, James Jealous, DO, and many other leaders in the field of Osteopathy applied to children. Dr. Anglund has more than 10 years of clinical experience treating patients of all ages, but finds special joy and satisfaction in bringing the gift of Osteopathy to children beginning in the womb.

Currently Dr. Anglund is working in his own privat office in Colorado Springs/Colorado and is teaching for the Rockyvista University of Colorado Spring under the leadership of Prof. Heather Ferrill, D.O.




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